Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dad's Eulogy

I am posting the eulogy that many of us put together for Dad. I do want to say taking June’s words and expanding on them with more stories and information was both difficult and enjoyable. We left out so many things. Each of us while writing it wanted to keep adding more and more. I look now at what we wrote/discussed and realize these things and more we will continue to retell, laugh and cry at when we are together. The reality is we will continue to tell the stories of our family and history and pass them on…and remember.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
23rd Psalm

Bob was born to Barney and Sis Stephenson July 28, 1928 in Lawrenceburg, Indiana overlooking the beautiful Ohio River. He has a brother Wayne, affectionately known as Totsy, and sister who died as an infant, Betty Louise. He joined the Navy as young man of 17 and proudly served for three years.

He met Grace Norsworthy on a blind date setup by his cousin Dewey and Grace’s best friend Kat Love. They married in July of 1951 in Waynesboro and moved to Indiana. Bob started his career in the Glass Manufacturing business as a ware stacker and eventually moved all the way to the top position as Plant Manager. During his career, he moved his family to various states and even coast to coast twice. Bob and Grace had 6 children; Bobby, Jim, Susan, Bill, Char & Anne and they have grown to be successful career people. After a successful career Bob and Grace moved back to Waynesboro, but he suddenly lost Grace. A life without Grace nearly broke him.

Friends introduced Bob to June West and she was his salvation. This introduction soon turned into a love for each other. The family found out about June when Bob called his daughters and said “I had spaghetti and June had lasagna”. “June…June? Dad’s dating!!!” A short time later in August 1984, Bob and June were married and she became an instant member of the Stephenson Family complete with children and grandchildren.

Bob and June enjoyed golfing, gardening and making stain glass art pieces together. Bob was also an accomplished woodcrafter. He and June purchased a motor home and enjoyed traveling, visiting 48 states and most of Canada.

In 1999, Bob and June moved to Ward, Alabama. This was a blessing for Bob. He became involved in the community by joining the volunteer fire department and an active member of the Methodist church. In a very short period time, Bob made many friends and became an integral part of the community.

Although, his given name was Robert Carl, he also known as:
When in Stateline, he was Dewey Albert’s first cousin Bobby Carl, then also as; Bobby, Big Bob, Steve, Mr. Stephenson, Dad, Grandpa, his father called him Robert, Papa and he called himself the “The Old Man”.

The fact that he did not have a formal degree was never a detriment to his success in life and yet he was very proud of the educations of his children and grandchildren.

Bob was a loving son, husband, father, brother, grandfather and great grandfather and a precious father-in-law. He had many friends and he was also a good friend to them all. Bob was an unpretentious man. He was loyal and friendly with everyone he met. He had wonderful sense of humor and everyone who knew him will miss him.

I Corinthians 13

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