Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bill's email about Dad (Grandpa, etc.)

Hello all

Dad asked me to send everyone a message to let you know what has happened. I will call everyone tomorrow after the doctor's stops by and give you the latest.

Dad had his first chemo treatment for this new round of chemo this past Thursday. The treatments have made him extremely weak and Monday afternoon while heading into the little bathroom was so weak he went to the floor in the bathroom. June could not get him up so she called 911 and then Murry and Jean. His blood pressure and sugar were very low. At the hospital they gave him two units of blood and some food and everything was returning to normal. June stayed the night with Dad at the hospital Monday night. Tuesday he was do well and June went home to spend the night and planned to take Dad home on Wednesday. When she returned Wednesday morning Dad was not doing well and had a rough night. During the night they had to give him another two units of blood and early in the morning his breathing became.very labored. They gave him lacix to reduce the fluids and it helped him breath better.

June called this morning needing some help so Jackie and drove down today. I am staying the night with Dad and Jackie & June headed back to Ward to get a good nights sleep. Dad has been doing well while I have been here. He is very weak. He has eaten some dinner and a little ice cream for dessert. We are watching a little TV and hopefully Dad will be able to sleep tonight. A good nights sleep helps everything but it will be hard in the hopital.

That it is all for now talk to everyone tomorrow. I have my cellphone with me.


Posted by Ben -- I'll add a bit more info Susan has received, tomorrow.

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