Friday, July 24, 2009

Reunion Activities

List of things we have done:
  • paid Ocoee rafting
  • hiking to Benton falls / swimming in the lake
  • drift swimming the Ocoee
  • swimming above the Ocoee visitor center
  • swimming at dock at Pavilion
  • "The Bike Ride"
  • kayaking (or canoeing) the lower Ocoee
  • shooting at the Hiwassee range
  • shooting eggs / potatoes
  • going to Chattanooga (Aquarium, train museum, etc)
  • visit Etowah train museum
  • visit Mayfield's

Other possibilities :
  • paid tubing the upper Hiwassee (cold, but very, very scenic)
  • hiking to cave or falls at Gee Creek (lower Hiwassee)
  • ranger Natural History activities at Gee Creek Campground on Saturdays
  • swimming in the Hiwassee (not too cold in the AM, before the dam opens, on a hot day)
  • hiking along the Hiwassee
  • visit historical / educational sites in area (many, such as the Red Clay treaty site)
  • canoeing the upper or lower Hiwassee (takes some skills - NOT for untrained kayakers w/o spray skirt)
  • movie night (with laptop and projector)
  • pancake, French toast, sausage breakfast at the Pavilion
  • visit Hiwassee Glider Park to watch launches . . . or pay for a ride
  • kayak, then (wet) hike up Little Creek on Ocoee
Other suggestions?

Ben & Susan

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